Thomas K. Mack, Photographer

Inspiration is light at the opportune moment.

I have been called a prolific photographer and overactive traveller, to which I plead guilty. I try to capture time and place in a way that imparts the experience of the space as well as a compelling image. Some but not all trips are planned on what the area will offer photographically and not just a location.

I was introduced into photography by my father who as a Florida Highway Patrol officer was always documenting accident scenes. He gave me an Argus C3 with all the out dated Black and White film I could shoot to start out with. We played a game of guess the f-stop while driving around Florida which gave me a chance to really see how the Sunny 16 rule played out.

I eventually migrated to Nikon SLR's with film and now photograph 100% digitally, still with Nikon for the cameras and lens. I post process using both Nikon Software and Photoshop, however I try to get the images initially the way I want them in camera.

I was very fortunate several years ago to be able to take my rough Black and White prints into the Polk Museum of Art, scatter it on them on the floor in front of a great installation of Ansel Adams works and mark up the images for tone, contrast, highlights, and depth of field, not content tho'. I then went back to the computer and began to hone my printing skills in the post processing world of the electron and icc profiles.

There are times I have had photographs described as literal interpretations of a scene or subject, however I do enjoy encouraging the viewer of my work to concentrate on a specific item using depth of field, and/or skewing the camera's position using a fish-eye lens.

Recently, one of my friends who collects quite a bit of my work described my art show exhibits as "Photographic Haiku" as in his eyes the showcase of the booth images takes you thru my interpretive photographic journey using images instead of verse.

Please enjoy the site and email or call if you have any questions, custom print sizes and papers are available upon request.


Tom Mack